20 August 2012

Beauty Blitz: Olive Oil Hair Masks

I'm always trying to add more natural and organic beauty products into my daily routine as I feel that they're much better for you and more beneficial than using harsh chemicals so when I ran out of my usual deep conditioning hair mask I decided to raid my kitchen cupboards in search of a more natural remedy.

Olive oil has been used for skin and hair treatments for thousands of years because of it's excellent moisturising qualities, antioxidants and vitamins, I must admit I've only ever used it with cooking but I figured if it does half a good a job of making my food delicious then it must be good for my hair to!

Olive Oil Mask
8 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Heat the olive oil in the microwave for no longer than 20 seconds you want the oil a little bit warm but not hot, as the heat will help it absorb into your hair follicles better, if it comes out too hot them just leave the oil sit for a while to let it cool down. All you need to do then is massage it into dry hair, I concentrate on my ends first then work up and massage a little into my scalp, then once it's massaged into your hair put on a shower cap or wrap your hair in a towel and leave it in for an hour before you wash it out.

Olive Oil & Honey Mask
6 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons of Honey

Honey is also great at moisturising your hair and shares many of the same benefits as olive oil, this mask is slightly messier and stickier but works brilliantly on dry hair just follow the same instructions above but this time add in the honey.

Olive Oil & Egg Mask
4 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Egg Yolk

Egg is another great way to moisturise your hair and eggs are full of protein they can strengthen your hair follicles and prevent hair loss. You can use the whole egg but I prefer to just to use the yolk as that's where the majority of the goodness is concentrated plus it's not as messy and while you're waiting for your hair mask to work its magic you can cook yourself up a nice egg white omelette to eat so nothing goes to waste.

You don't want to heat the mask for this one as the egg will cook you just want to mix the oil and egg together then massage it into your hair, also make sure when you rinse it out that you use COOL water otherwise you may end up with bits of cooked egg in your hair and that's not a good look for anyone!

Rose Petals & Daisies

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