28 August 2012

5 Ways To Get Fit & Stay Healthy!

Over the past year I have gone through an amazing change, after years of telling myself I need to get fit and healthy and a long, loooong time procrastinating I made finally got off my backside and made the change to a healthier lifestyle and I feel absolutely amazing. A lot of people have been asking me recently what exercises I've been doing, what I've been eating, and just how I did it so I'd thought I'd share a few of my secrets and discoveries.

Do it for the right reasons!
Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle change, you need to love your body and want to treat it right this isn't about losing weight to look like your favourite celebrity or be the skinniest one in your group of friends it's about fitness levels and being able to climb a stairway without getting out of breath, having the energy to complete difficult tasks and being strong enough to carry all your own shopping bags.

Give up smoking
Yes I used to be a smoker, I started when I was 14 and by the time I hit 21 I was smoking nearly 2 packs a day, disgusting I know! Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body and believe me I know how difficult it can be to give up, even now when I'm going through a particular stressful time I find myself craving one but my love for myself is now much stronger than my need for a cigarette so I'm able to resist temptation, so if you smoke you should really consider giving up as your body will be extremely grateful for it.

Reduce your sugar intake
I'm a self confessed sugar addict but too much sugar can be bad for you! I've cut fizzy drinks completely out of my diet as these are the worst culprits, switched to using more natural sugars like agave or palm and no longer have sugar in my coffee and tea, yes I still enjoy a cupcake now and again but as treats I eat once in a while not breakfast, lunch and dinner (yes I pretty much lived on cupcakes at one point!). Fruit is a much healthier and tastier alternative and now I'd much rather indulge in a juicy mango rather than a bar of chocolate.

Exercise everyday
Everyday!? Yes everyday but I'm not saying go to the gym everyday just aim to do 30 minutes of physical activity a day which can be anything from going running to just working up a sweat cleaning the house or even running for the bus in the mornings! I like to change up my workout every couple weeks so my body doesn't get too used to it and YouTube is an amazing hub of workout videos, my personal favourites are BodyrockTV and Amanda Russell and there's no need for that expensive gym membership as you can pretty much do it all at home!

Drink Green Tea
I pretty much live on green tea, I brew myself a big pot of it in the mornings and drink it throughout the day. It's important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to flush out all those nasty toxins that can built up inside us and green tea is a natural antioxidant which is full of natural benefits and more hydrating than water.

Green Tea & Peaches

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