20 April 2012

A Lomo View On... Spring!

I feel like I can finally breathe again now Spring is here, I love the milder weather, the sunshine and the smell of fresh flowers in the air and I can open up all those windows in my house and clean out all that dust and let in some clean, crisp fresh air again.

I love photographing flowers it's a very girly thing but I just think they're beautiful and they instantly bring me warm feelings about Spring and Summer. The photos above were actually taken with my dad's old Pentax ME which I borrowed briefly last year, can you believe that camera is nearly 40 years old? It takes such amazing photos I hope he lets me borrow it again.

Some people may not like the fact that the Holga lets light in but I love the haunting effect that these light leaks can give and also the splash of colour they bring to an otherwise mundane photo, when I look back at some of the photos I took with my Holga it does make me miss it but I'm hoping that my Diana Mini will more than make up for it.

I visited a farm in Thailand a few years back and they had this field full of huge sunflowers, I knew sunflowers grew tall but I'd never seen ones quite this big before so had to take a photo of them despite the incoming rain storm but I love how the gloomy skies are contrasted with this bright pop of colour.

Colour is something I like to experiment with in my lomo shots and I often use coloured gels over the flash to enhance my photos. Perhaps one of the reasons I photograph flowers so much is because of their vibrancy in photos which works amazingly on film and now it's spring again I'm sure I'll be taking out my cameras to play more often so watch this space!

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