29 February 2012

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (February 2012)

by  Clarabellafaire
It's a leap year today a very special day which only falls every four years and this is probably the first time I have ever posted on a leap year so I'll make this one special. The universe has gifted us with an extra day this year so what do you plan to do with it? Me, well I've planned a little day of luxury for myself I'm going to indulge in some good food and spend the night watching Disney movies, absolute bliss!

Find Your True Calling - I've always said a job does not define a person, sometimes what we do is not what our calling is and sometimes it takes a bit of investigating and thought to find what our calling in life is.

25 lessons for creatives in Patti Smith’s ‘Just Kids.’

7 Questions to Ask When You’re Not Sure Who You’re Becoming - 7 simple questions to ask yourself to put you on the right path again (self)knowledge = power

Favourite iPhone Photo Apps - Ok so I don't have an iPhone *shock* or a smart phone of everytime *double shock* but after seeing the amazing photos it takes I'm definitely considering getting one!

5 Tips For Great Outdoor Photos

Famous Photogs Pose With Their Most Iconic Images - It's just amazing how a single image of a single moment can capture and hold so much history and emotion.

by Toon
5 Ways 'Clueless' Ruined My Life - Clueless was definitely responsible for some of my fashion faux pas in the past, I absolutely love this movie and have probably watched it over a hundred times!

The Firefly Guide To Producing More Creative Content

Ten Life Lessons From Doctor Who - I've only recently (since Matt Smith) become a fan of Doctor Who but he's definitely one of my favourite characters and these are some great examples of just how awesome he is and we can be to.

by Leftz
Creating an Emotional Safety Plan - Sometime when you're feeling down you just can't think straight so having a list of those guaranteed mood boosters is always goo to have on hand.

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

Things You Need In Order To Stay Happy - Love, love, LOVE this and it's the absolute truth to!

by Girl With Butterfly Wings
Sale Shopping 101: Hunting the Bargains - Kaelah shares some of her sale shopping secrets and how she got such an awesome JC shoe collection.

Should We Ever Stop Playing Dress Up?

Tips for Thrifting - It's been so long since I last went thrifting and these are some great things to remember for my next thrifting trip.

Stephen Fry's letter to a girl struggling with depression - This is so eloquently written and so reassuring, if you needed any more reasons to love Stephen Fry then this is it!

An Open Letter to Thinspiration Blogs

How to Not Care What Other People Think Of You - This, this and THIS!

Is Perfectionism Stalling Your Productivity? - This is something I can definitely relate with, I have so many unpublished posts because of this

How Can I Be Happy When The World Is Such A Horrible Place?

10 Rules For Brilliant Women - Some great tips here to get you working towards those goals!

Love & Sparkly Hugs

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