18 February 2012

Don't Be Sad Be AWESOME!

by Martybell
2012 hasn't got of the best start with me what with various family issues, losing jobs, increasing money woes and confusion about where my life is heading it's been increasingly hard to keep myself positive and not crawl into a cave and hibernate until things get better, but despite all that is going on around me I am managing to stay strong and have found ways to keep my head held high even when it seems like life is crashing down all around me.

by Lawdeda
I've found there's no better way to get my frustrations out than a good workout, whether it be going out for a good jogging session, hula hooping or just an hour working out on Wii Fit I find working out is a great way to block the world out for an hour or two and work all that negativity out of your system.

by Hope Reagan
Take a Break From Technology
One of the main stress factors in our modern world is technology, how many times have you got so angry at your computer or your phone that you've just wanted to fling it into the nearest river? It's amazing how technology pretty much rules our lives and by taking a little break away from it all and just reading a book or going out for a walk can boost your mood and make you realise that we really are stressing over nothing.

by Dangerous Ladies
Give Yourself a Project
Givng yourself something to focus on is one way to distract yourself from feeling down if you feel productive, like you've got something to do, then you tend to feel more motivated and have something more to offer to the world. A project can be anything from re-arranging your closet, finding the best way to cook eggs or alphabetizing your DVDs to having a yard sale, raising money for charity or even training for a marathon!

by Katie Sokoler
Set Goals
I find once you give yourself a goal and something to work towards and achieve you're automatically motivated and want to do your best to achieve it. Think to yourself what is the one thing you really truely want to do in 2012 and write it down, then make a list of the various things you think you can do to achieve this goal and DO THEM! Goals aren't achieved by sitting around being all sad you have to put some work into them and although it may be hard just think of how you'll feel when you've finally reached that goal, nothing is impossible unless you want it to be!

by Rosuuuu
If you feel like it's all got to much and you need a break then take one, you are human after all and we all have sad days and days where we just can't face getting out of bed, this is your body's way of telling you you need to slow down and take it easy, and sometimes taking a "duvet day" and a little break away from the world to relax is all we need to feel re-energized again.

Love & Candy

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