21 September 2011

Winter Is Coming...

There's a slight chill in the air which makes me think that the colder weather is on its way and so its time for me to pack away those skimpy summer clothes and to start pondering over my winter wardrobe and what's going to be keeping me warm and looking chic during these icy months.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who hears the Game of Thrones theme tune when somebody says  "winter is coming" and I have to admit it's my obsession with the show (and the books) which has most influenced my winter look. I love the styling of this show and especially love the costumes of the "Men of the Night's Watch" the harsh black wool, mixed with leather and soft fur is not only designed for warmth and protection but to give a look of dark malevolence.

That sense of regalia and mixture of harsh and soft textures is also echoed in the McQueen collection for this winter. I love the use of belts and harnesses against those soft feminine textures it's almost warrior like and gives me visions of riding though snowy fields on a dark black steed braving the elements longing for the warmth of a hot fire (I mentioned my obsession with Game of Thrones right?) and I think after the past few really cold harsh winter's I've had I'm ready to go back to basics using those natural fibres the nomadic tribes do for warmth and protection.

That polished look is gone instead a more rugged natural look is taking its place! My straighteners and hair-dryer can take a vacation as I'm going to be going au-natural and letting my hair go wild and yes I'm waving bye bye to my gorgeous pink and blue streaks as my hair goes back to black for the winter. As my clothes will be heavy I want to keep my make-up quite light and icy although I will be breaking out the black eye-liner and dark lipstick for a more dramatic evening look.

The actual clothing items I have in mind are quite plain and simple, designed primarily for keeping me warm so what makes this look are the accessories, wide buckled leather belts, gloves, harnesses and boots are key as well as soft fluffy fur collars, big scarves, capes, warm hats and cold industrial metal jewellery.

I honestly can't wait to start piecing this look together and hunting out new items to add to my wardrobe so much so it's making me excited for the cold weather which I have to admit is a first! So tell me what will you guys be wearing this winter and are you prepared for the cold weather ahead?

Love & Warm Hugs

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