30 September 2011

Things that make you go Oooooo (September 2011)

by Anna Ådén
September has come to an end in what seems like just a blink of an eye, I can't believe in just a few short months we'll be going into a new year! Time to make the most of the days ahead and start taking action on those plans I've been making so here's a few things to inspire and amuse...

Practical Beauty Tips - Some great tips from Jane of Sea of Shoes and yes I'm one of those people who only washes their hair once or twice a week and grimace all you want but I find the less I wash it the better its condition!

Wardrobe Emergency Kit: 10 Essentials Every Girl Should Have

Superhero Manicures - I absolutely love these, those Harley Quinn nails put my attempts to shame!

David Bowie Inspired Children's Book - This is such a super idea and you have to read it while you're listening to Space Oddity!

Two Sweet Sons Growing Up in Japan

The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're Going To Miss Almost Everything - Interesting thoughts here, as much as we all want to experience everything there's only so much we can do in our lifetimes.

D.I.Y. Accessories Rack - If you're not much of a cook and have an excess of utensils this is such a fun thing to do to display your jewellery.

Why I Find Strength in Britney Spears

How To Survive When Everything Sucks - I love these tips some are such simple little things but give you maximum joy.

Blogging Your Way To The Front Row - An interview with blogger extraordinaire Gala Darling about her life as a blogger and the great opportunities it has allowed her to have.

Five Reasons Why You Should Keep Blogging

Top Ten Tips For New Bloggers - Whether you've been blogging for a while or new to the world these are some great tips.

Scissorhands 20th - Edward Scissorhands has to be one of the best of Burton's movies, check out the tribute art people have created for the film's 20th anniversary.

On Beauty and Bullying + Paint Your Love

Elderly Animals - I love this picture series proof that animals only get cuter with age!

What Would Buffy Do? - I recently got the complete Buffy DVD collection and have been watching it every night, I love Buffy not only is it an awesome show but it totally helped me to be strong and overcome my problems.

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Period Suck Less!

Patrick Bateman’s New York: What Happened To The World of American Psycho - Always wanted to make a reservation at Dorsia? Well here's your guide to all of Patrick Bateman's New York hangouts and where they are now.

Who You Spend Time With Is Who You Become - I'm a great believer if you surround yourself with great people that their greatness will rub off on you.

D.I.Y. Sheer Skirt

100 greatest non-fiction books - Looking to expand your knowledge and library well I got you covered there's some great picks here which I will definitely be checking out.

Love & Sparkly Hugs

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