31 May 2011

Things that make you go Oooooo (May 2011)

by red.dahlia
As I'll be in California now I'm actually writing this post before I leave as I'll be living in a trailer in a canyon with no tv and no internet, not that I'll be too concered with that though as I'll be waking up to gibbon calls every morning and helping do something possitive to conserve their species and I'm quite happy to give up my TV and internet for a month to do that but I'll be back to reality soon so in the meantime here's some great links to keep you occupied.

How To Deal When Your Life Is In Shambles - Awesome advice and an awesome post, I totally agree with every point made.

Attention, Women: Big Food Hates You

The Artists Way #1: Recovering A Sense of Safety - If you're stuck in a creative rut these are some great tips on how to get your groove back.

by ftwentytwo
Neil Gaiman on Copyright Piracy and the Web - This is such a great insight from Neil Gaiman on how piracy actually increases sales on his work.

Why do I Blog?

What I Learned Working In A Porn Store -" I don't judge my customers for watching adult movies. I judge them for the shifty, strange ways they shop"

by Lei รจ ree
Corset X-Rays from 1908 - Absoluetly stunning!

The Lifelogger vs The Lifeblogger

Seed Paper Tutorial - So easy to make and so pretty.

by freakygee
The Real 90's - I feel so nostalgic when reading this blog and it brings back memories of the 90's which I thought I had forgotten.

Beauty is not a spectrum

10 Surefire Ways To Live Below Your Full Potential - Is this you? Yes? well it's time for a change don't you think?

by loray
8 Tips For Fashion Photography - Zhang Jingna (Zemotion) one of my favourite photographers shares her secrets on how to get that perfect shot.

How To Focus

Picking Your Luxuries: A Guide To Living Lavishly With Less - Love these tips, big or small it's always great to have something to save up and look forward to mine of course is global adventures.

by Ashley
Twitpics from Space - How amazing is it that we can recieve photos of the Earth from space? It completely blows my mind!

I Confess, I'm A Workoholic

Back to the Future - I LOVE this photography project and for a long time now I've wanted to re-create my old childhood pictures so this has definitely given me the inspiration and push I needed.

by Bakerella
On Bright Faith and Why Falling in Love is Totally Uncool - Forget being cool guys consider this your permission slip to get excited and do silly things!

Friends and Enemies

We May Be Plastic But Our Love Is Real - Ok so I may be totally out of the loop here but Ken and Barbie broke up? But it's nice to see that even out little plastic friends can have a happy ending.

Love & Sparkly Hugs

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