03 May 2011

The Frequent Flyer: 20 Discoveries I Made in China

by alvinclsmy
I'm so excited because on Saturday I'll be travelling on my second solo adventure to sunny California. Last year I visited China and in memory of that adventure and in excitement of my adventures to come I thought I would look back and and share a few of the interesting and amusing discoveries I made during my stay in the land of noodles, pandas and great walls!

1. There's no such thing as ice so even when the sun is blazing expect to be served a nice refreshing glass (or plastic cup) of piping hot tea!

2. Apple Jam

3. Ready-to-poop-pants

4. Taxi drivers have no idea where they're going and drive like maniacs!

5. Ultrasound to determine the sex of a child is outlawed.

by Magali C
6. They only use chopsticks

7. Children are very wise there and seem to grow up quickly.

8. It's VERY polluted

9. China Post is SUPER DUPER cheap, so be sure to send a ton of postcards when you're there.

by Sharyn Morrow
10. Nothing EVER works!

11. Pineapple beer & that beer in some cases is cheaper than water!

12. Foreigners are rare birds which must be photographed and now I know how celebrities feel when they're hounded by the paparazzi!

13. Women dress really well, pretty, frilly, floral dresses are plenty and they don't need a special occasion to wear them, me likey!

14. Chinese gameshows RULE!

by Tadanag
15. Squat toilets are unavoidable

16. Fresh hand-pulled noodles are a gift from the gods

17. Aubergine is the vegetable of choice

by Stacey Viera
18. Queuing is non-existent

19. You have to haggle EVERYWHERE!

20. Shopping malls resemble old fashioned market places, so noisy!

Love, Noodles & Happy Memories

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