31 July 2010

Things that make you go Oooooo (July 2010)

Some work by 豆腐

July has just flown by! The summer holidays have started, although with all the rain I've been experiencing this month you'd think it was already over, it's hard to believe other parts of the country have been having heatwaves! Rain is no reason to ruin your holiday plans though there's still lots of great things to keep you occupied and with that I give you July's edition of Things that make you go Oooooo.

Twenty Easy Ways to Be Happier - Read them, do them, be happy :)

Fashion Designers as Disney Characters

How to Do More with Less in Your Wardrobe - Great ways to utilise your wardrobe.

Louise Ebel by Pauline Darley

Beauty Bar - This place is amazing I would love to have cocktails there someday!

The Real Life Lichenstien-Comic-Girl

Big Hair Day - Crazy hair styles which are complete works of art, props to the guys who created them and the girls who managed to wear them.

Lady Gaga's Little Japanese Monsters - I'm amazed by these outfits, if I ever go to a Gaga concert I'll definitely be dressing up!

The Mysterious Mirror Man

Li Xiaofeng - An artist and designer who created a collection of clothing made completely from porcelain, I can't imagine it would be very comfortable to wear but it certainly looks stunning.

Bot by Nelogika
Cotton Candy Rabbit - Some of the most adorable, cutest illustrations I have ever seen!

What Courtney Wore

Doe Deere's Ultimate Guide to Thrift Shopping - I love thrift shopping but it can be a scary experience, Doe Deere has compiled a list of helpful tips for an enjoyable thrifty experience.

184/365 by Leigh Ellexson

Bringing back the Extinct (Jurassic park Style) - You have no idea how excited this makes me!

Fourteen Words Not Found in the English Language

Hubble Space Telescope - A history of beautiful pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

by Kid08

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems - A fantastic series by the ever fabulous Miss Gala Darling, definitely worth checking out and be sure to read all three parts!

Pink Vagina Couch

Love Yourself - Be sure to read all the comments in this post as everyone shares their advice for feeling good about and loving yourself.

Rainbow Girl IX by Patricia Dries

T-Post - This is such a great idea, a monthly magazine printed on a t-shirt! Could this be the future of fashion magazines?


Jabawocks - These custom Blythe dolls are absolutely stunning, so beautifully done.

Love & Hugs

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