03 July 2010

D.I.Y Tutorial: Summer Ribbon Bow Hair

Set for Summer - Amelia Rhea

Summer is a great time of year to go au naturel and let your hair flow free, however if you're anything like me you'll find that summertime is actually far too hot to let your hair flow free and you want to avoid that sticky sweatiness at the back of your neck. Of Course with such lovely sunny weather you don't want to spend the day cooped up inside with the hair brush you want to be outside making the most of it so I've been trying out some simple ways to wear your hair up, which look cute, don't take too long to master and of course keep you cool.
 In a previous post I mentioned the milkmaid braids and how simple they were to achieve and that's just one of the many simple updos you can try as there are many more but today I'm going to show you how to make the infamous ribbon bow hair made popular by such celebrities as Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton.

Surprisingly enough this hairstyle is easy to achieve all you need is a hair tie, some bobby pins and hairspray, I'm quite proud of my first attempt on this style and if I can do it then I'm sure you will be able to as well.

One of my favourite hair gurus on YouTube has two videos showing clearly the different ways you can do the bow hair style and just how easy it is to achieve, I personally use a mixture of the two techniques as my hair is not as long or thick as hers but as you can see I do get a similar result.

I adore this hairstyle it's really cute, fun and easy to do, perfect to wear on any occasion be it a summer strawberry picnic or an evening dancing on the beach, give it a try and be sure to let me know the results!

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