08 April 2010

A Girl Needs More Than 6 Pairs of Shoes!

I was watching Oprah the other day, which I haven't done in a long time, although we don't exactly get the most up to date shows over here, in fact I think we're something like a year behind the US! Aside from that I think there was something in the show which was relevant to everyone no matter when you're watching it, the 6 must have shoes every woman must have.

I've been going through a sort of shoe cleanse over the past year as I used to be a total shoe addict and would buy a new pair or two (or three!) almost every week which left me with a big dent in my bank balance and a ton of extremely gorgeous stylish shoes that would probably never get round to wearing. I think my process of cleansing has gone from one extreme to another though with my collection of about 50 pairs being depleted to meagre pair of 8 shoes, yes at the moment there are only 8 pairs of shoes in my closet and half of those are black boots!

Spring is on its way and I really want to get myself some nice new shoes to wear in the warmer weather, even though I love my collection of black boots I have to admit that they're not exactly the most spring friendly shoes made.

According to Oprah our 6 must have shoes are:
1. Black Pump (in a kitten heel)
2. Comfortable Flat
3. Evening shoe (in neutral or gold)
4. Sleek Comfortable Sneaker
5. Tall Boot
6. All Weather Boots

Even though I see what Oprah is saying and I can see those styles getting a lot of use being our shoe staples 1) I hate sneakers and 2) 6 shoes is not going to match up to my wardrobe and my many different outfits! I'm struggling with 8 and I'm getting bored of turning to my old faithful black boots, in fact I'm bored of the black altogether 6 out of my 8 shoes are black!

So I thought screw Oprah as if she's only got 6 shoes in her closet, shoes should be fun so I'm going to create my own list of 6 must have dream shoes:

The Cowboy Boot
Hate them or love them this is a timeless classic versatile style which is comfy yet practical. Bonus points if they're a) Vintage for that genuine rugged look or b) Bought from an authentic Cowboy boot maker! Next time I'm road tripping in the desert I'll be picking me up some of these boots.

The Rocking Horse
Being a Vivienne Westwood addict I have to say I love these, I had a pair of knock-off foam ones but nothing matches up to the real wooden ones. I've tried on the genuine article in store and they're surprisingly light considering you've got blocks of wood strapped to your feet!

Alexander McQueen
Everyone needs that wow, jaw dropping, show stopping, insanely expensive, crazy, freakish shoe and for me the only way to go is Alexander McQueen and yes I'll take any shoe from any collection!

Rodarte Light Shoes
While we're on the subject of insane shoes these fierce babies put those light up trainers you had as a kid to shame! I instantly fell in love with these the moment I saw them and they're far too beautiful not to include on the list.

YSL Cage Heels
These have become almost iconic and yes I want in on them to, I foolishly passed up on the chance to buy them on sale at 50% off! I pray to the Shoe Gods everyday please give me a second chance I promise I won't be so foolish again.

By Loaloo
Harrods 70th Anniversary "Wizard of Oz" Dorothy Shoes
Possibly one of the most iconic shoes in cinema and fairytale history bar Cinderella's glass slipper, I'm a girl who loves my fairytales and loves my shoes so these provide the perfect mix for me and did I mention they're sparkly.

I feel like my inner shoe monster is about to emerge after making this list, luckily the shoe shops are closed now so I won't be maxing out my credit card too soon, so to keep my mind off shopping tell me what 6 shoes are on your shopping list?


  1. those are all gorgeous! i definitely need to invest in some new shoes.

  2. ohhhh shoesssss!!! I am searching for the perfect cowboy boot!