11 April 2010

D.I.Y. Tutorial: Creative Jewellery Storage

The Batcave (i.e. my bedroom) is in dire need of a style overhaul and as its spring I think it's the perfect excuse to break out the decorating box and try out some fresh new styles. A while ago I saw how someone used a pair of antlers on their wall to store their jewellery and I thought that this was a wonderful statement and gorgeous idea so wanted to try it out for myself.

Unfortunately my thrifting skills have not found me a pair of antlers yet but while I was helping my Nan clear out her spare room I came across this wonderful pair of wooden gazelles and as it seemed such a shame to throw them out I asked her if I could have them.

They were looking a bit worn down and didn't really match my room decor so I decided that I would work my D.I.Y magic on them and turn them into something special so the first thing I did was sand them down and give them a repaint.

I couldn't decide whether to paint them back or white so I settled for one of each but even with a new coat of paint I felt they were missing that extra bit of magic....
A makeover from my mini sparkle kit!

 Admittedly I was tempted to totally bling them out but I resisted temptation and just went for a tiny amount of sparkle seeing as my plan for them was to adorn them with all my beautiful jewellery.

 While decorating them with jewellery it reminded me of the times when I'd go to the temples in Thailand and decorate the holy statues with gold leaf, flowers, cloth and other offerings to bring me good luck and fortune, I almost feel like I have two of my own mystical gods living in my room now.

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