21 January 2010

DIY Fashion Tutorial: Geeky Chic Glasses

From the fashion pages of Vogue to the street styles of Tokyo it seems there's a new global uprising of "Geeky Chic", no matter where I look people are wearing those large thick rimmed glasses and if you look very closely some don't even have lenses, that's right glasses are no longer reserved for those with less than perfect eyesight everyone is wearing them now!


Such a simple accessory can transform a whole look and the best thing is that they go with every outfit, just put a pair on and you can instantly feel super intelligent. It's easy for anyone to adopt this look and instead of going out and buying yourself a pair you can easily make your own for free and I'm going to tell you how...

You will need:

*There's no need for scissors or knives if you bend the lenses they should pop right out

 * You don't have to use nail varnish, just make sure the paint sticks to plastic otherwise it will peel straight off. You can even get a can of plastic spray paint and paint the frames another colour!

*You can leave the frames blank but I like to personalise mine.

Now embrace your inner geek!


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