13 January 2010

Cambridge Satchel Company I ❤ U

A late Christmas present arrived at my door on Monday, I knew exactly what it what but I was still extremely excited to open it up as I'd been lusting after a bag like this ever since the wonderful Miss Gala Darling posted a picture of hers on Flickr

The Cambridge Satchel Company is a U.K. based company which sells handmade old fashioned school satchels. For the longest time I have wanted to get myself a school satchel, I love the style of them and love to mix new styles with old so was delighted to see that they not only have the traditional brown tan colours but come in yellow, red, blue and purple (pink has unfortunately been discontinued but hopefully if there's enough demand for them they will make a welcome return). They also offer an embossing service for an additional fee whereby you can personalise you bag with your name or initials, as I wanted more than the traditional 3 letter initials embossed onto my bag I contacted them prior to my order to see if it was possible and if there was any additional cost, I was told that it cost an additional £5 (so £20 in total) but however when it came to placing my order they didn't charge me the extra fee.

I placed my order a week before Christmas thinking it might possibly arrive in time however I was both contacted quickly via phone and email by them to tell me that they are overwhelmed with orders and it would be possible to get the bag to me in time for Christmas without the embossing otherwise I would have to wait till January to get the bag embossed. I told them I would prefer to wait until January and on the 8th it was finally posted out to me...

Inside the plastic DHL envelope was this, I just LOVE the traditional way it was packaged with the string and old luggage tag it was like getting my own little piece of Victorian history and to top it all off a voucher for £5 off my next order.

I ordered the 15" purple satchel which should hopefully be big enough for me to take on my travels and had my name embossed on it in silver as suggested on their website but also because I have a soft spot for all things shiny and silver.

The bag is extremely well made and very sturdy there wasn't a single problem with it, no lose threads, no scuffs or scratches, not even the tiniest flaw could be found. It's made from real leather sourced in the U.K. (good to know I'm helping local businesses!) and their name and logo is embossed onto the back of the bag.

Overall I'm absolutely over the moon and in love with this bag and The Cambridge Satchel Company, I have absolutely no doubts that this bag will last me a lifetime and am keeping a close eye on the website to see if they'll announce any new colours or styles although I will admit I'm currently quite tempted to order the red batchel, is it too soon to place another order? 

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  1. This bag is beautiful! Wow! I am so impressed with it!

  2. It's really nice.
    I like your blog.
    Best regards!