27 May 2015

#OOTD: Dark Justice

I think this is the 5th time I've dressed up as Zatanna and probably not the last and as I was getting reading for more comic con adventures I was reminded that the last time I wore this outfit was at San Diego Comic Con on the most amazing day ever when I met George RR Martin and the cast of Game of Thrones WOW!

So DC cancelled Justice League Dark which makes me hella sad because where am I going to get my Zatanna fix now? Also there's still little world on a movie happening but I'm still hoping and I have total faith in Guillermo Del Toro. Speaking of there was a rumour that the JLD movie would tie in with the Constantine TV series which brings me on to the reason why I decided to dress as the Mistress of Magic this particular day....

CONSTANTINE!!! If you follow me on Twitter you'll know how much I loved this show, I've been a longtime fan of Constantine/Hellblazer and although I did like the movie with Keanu Reeves I've been waiting for a more faithful representation of the character and Matt Ryan definitely brings that, he's awesome! I'm honestly so heartbroken that it's been cancelled it had so much potential and has been one of the favourite shows this year. I'm hoping it will find a home on another network as it has a very loyal fanbase already and there were hundreds of people lined up waiting to meet this guy but if it really is the end for the show at least there's new Hellblazer comics coming soon!

Love & Magic

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