01 June 2014


Summertime Treats

With my vacation and imminent shop closure happing in just over a month I thought I would have one final sale in my Etsy Shop to raise some extra funds so I can treat the family to some awesome fun days out!


Be sure to use the code above on any and all purchases made in my Etsy Shop throughout June to get 20% off all purchases and be sure to take full advantage of it as quick as you can as a lot of stock will be expiring over the next few weeks!

If you're new to Etsy you can also enjoy a £5 discount off your first purchase using the link above which is not only valid for purchases made in my shop but every shop on the entire site, so be sure to click the link and redeem it now or use later to buy something you or your friends will love!

And don't forget to visit my Storenvy for lots more awesome handmade cuteness
Sundaes & Popsicles

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