31 December 2013

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (December 2013)

Goodbye 2013, you've been a really strange year for me... I wouldn't say this has been a bad year but it's had its moments, but when I think of the time I had this summer in SDCC, celebrating my birthday and earlier this month my trip to Iceland, 2013 has been pretty gosh darn amazing! What have your highlights been this year? Be sure to let me know in the comments and check out these awesome links!

 How To Make This The Best Week Ever - Let's start January on a positive note and do something great for ourselves.

 8 Easy Ways To Spread Happiness Around You

 17 Things To Do Today That Will Make You Proud Of Yourself In A Year - If you want to make 2014 the best year ever here are some fun little ways to make life a little better.

 Overcoming Nerves - I'm a very anxious person when it comes public speaking or just meeting new people and it's something I'm trying to overcome so these are some great tips.

 My Top Ten Superfoods For Crazy, Glowy Skin

 I Got Better - Will Wheaton shares his experience with dealing with depression, something many of us relate to, when you're having one of those dark days you don't think there is a way out but then there are those truly amazing days which make you realise how precious life is.

 The 100 Top Things You Honestly Don't Need To Do Before You Die - Don't feel obliged to do something because "everyone else" is doing it, we only have a limited time on this planet do what you love and if you'd rather watch The Kardashians than Breaking Bad then so be it.

 Do Your Goals Conflict With Your Personality?

 Can You Chat With a Girlfriend? Then You're Really Good at Sales - I've never thought of it this way so these are some great tips on how to sell yourself without really selling yourself.

 Fake Geek Girls - "If someone says they're a fan, then they're a fan and no one has any frakkin' right to question that!" DAMN STRAIGHT!

 Destroy the Spec, Break The Rules and Overwhelm Us With Joy

 Shy? 4 Ways You Can Ditch the Anxiety & Go Wild - One of my goals of 2014 is to get over my anxiety it's the one major battle I feel I have left so here's to being brave and facing your fears!

 Best Brassy Brunettes of the '90s - AKA women who made me the sassy brunette I am today and a special shoutout to Lois Lane from The New Adventures of Superman who I am totally still obsessed with!

 Disney Thoughts

 Thor: Bring The Thunder - These mini games always remind me of the games I used to play when I was a kid, it's great fun and who doesn't love Thor?

♥ Snowflake Sugar Cookie Scarf - I definitely want to improve my crochet skills and this is such an adorable pattern by Crochet Queen Twinkie Chan

 I Just Saw A Photo Of Myself So Bad That It Made Me Want To Change My Entire Life

 Be Mine? Why It's Smart To Court Your Friends - Friend dates are so much fun, don't think it's weird let go and have fun girl times together!

Hopes & Dreams

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