10 September 2011

Eat, Drink & Be Merry: Liverpool Food Festival

Last weekend saw the start of Liverpool's food and drink festival so being the food addicts we are my mother and I ventured up to Liverpool for the day to sample some treats and boy where there some treats to be had!

There where so many different stalls there offering food from many different restaurants and countries you could chose from sushi, su mai, jerk chicken, BBQ, noodles, hot dogs, sandwiches, pies, burgers, rice, curry, cupcakes, chocolate, cookies... the list goes on and for the brave of stomach there were also some more "unusual" treats such as frog legs and snails!

In addition to all the yummy food there were lots of cocktails, wines, exotic beers and ciders to wash down all that delicious food. I'm very fussy about my booze in that I don't like it to taste too much like booze but the minty smell of mojitos pulled me in and after sipping on a few of those and downing a sparkling cup of pink cider I must admit I got a bit tiddly!

I'm sure I've mentioned before my love for the Food Network and that I watch an endless amount of cooking programs which is an addiction my mother shares to no doubt due to the fact we both are cooks by trade. I had heard that "Mr. Nasty" Marco Pierre White was lurking about but when I found him I was too scared to ask for a photo with him so took a creepy stalker photo of him instead meanwhile my mother randomly ran into another celebrity chef Simon Rimmer and managed to get a photo with him.

Liverpool food festival is probably one of the better food festivals I've been to I had such a fun time, the food was good, the booze was good, the prices were cheap and we brought home several bags chock full of food which I'm still working my way through now not to mention the huge pile of vouchers I have for various Liverpool based eateries which if my happily full belly is anything to go by I will have to take advantage of soon!

Eat & Be Merry

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thegirlhassparke said...

Oh my how scrumptious, I love the idea of a food festival and cider to top it off, yes please!

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