13 April 2020

JUS2 Showcase in Bangkok (GOT7 JB & Yugyeom)

It's been almost a year since I saw JUS2 in Bangkok and I'm still not over it! JUS2 are a sub-unit of GOT7 with leader JB and youngest member Yugyeom and the result one of the best albums of 2019! Honestly their debut album Focus is one of my favourite albums ever, it's just perfection, one of the best albums to chill out and work to, in fact I'm listening to it as I'm writing this.

JUS2 had their own little mini tour of Asia last year and one of the stops was Bangkok so I just had to go and for the first time ever I managed to not just get the ticket I wanted but won the chance to hi-touch them to, my first ever hi-touch with them! If you want to see my very excited post-concert reaction to hi-touch and what happened then you can check out my Instagram stories, it was one of the best yet most embarrassing moments ever !!

The showcase was amazing and one of my favourite concerts I've ever attended, they performed every song on the album, and the title track Focus on Me at least 3 times, as well solo stages and a GOT7 melody for encore which our special MC BamBam joined them for. Between performances they also played games and did a mini interview which was really fun, I always love seeing GOT7 interviews they have so much fun joking around with each other and it really is infectious I had such an amazing time that night and it really helped me forget all my stress.

I'm not sure if JUS2 will ever make a return but I really hope they do one day as this collab was really special. I really do feel honoured I got to see them perform live (and also hi-touch!) it was honestly one of the best concerts I've been to and a very treasured memory so even though I'm writing this almost a year later I thought during a time when we're all unable to go out and need some cheering up I would share one of my happiest memories with you so you can feel like you were there cheering along with me to 

What's your dream concert?
Love & Coffee

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