07 December 2017

7 TV Shows That Will Make You Fall in Love with GOT7

I've been listening to GOT7 ever since they released 'A' but as with most KPop I tend to just listen to a few songs and never really look into the groups (I mean there's so many groups and so many members it's overwhelming) but that was until I moved to Thailand. THAILAND LOVES GOT7!! So after looking into the reason why GOT7 is so popular in Thailand (BAMBAM!!) I started to get to know them as people and I just fell in love with these boys, they're so sweet, hardworking, caring and so funny and I wanted to share the love and the hype so here are a few TV shows they've done which are definitely worth checking out and even if you're not a KPop fan I'm sure there's something on this list you'll enjoy.

When I found out GOT7 had their own drama of course I had to watch it. There are 12 episodes in total, each only 10 minutes long and is about this girl who's leading a pitiful life after the death of her mother when these handsome boys randomly enter her life and help her out. Honestly the drama is mostly an excuse to show off the gorgeous GOT7's singing and dancing skills which I'm fine with because heck they're the only reason I watched it and I actually found the part where the girl is learning the dances quite amusing especially as I quite often practice GOT7's dance routines as part of my workout (haha did I really just admit that? #KPopTrash) but cheesy/tragic plot aside it's worth a watch for all the cuteness also I need to get me some GOT7 plushies already!

Roomate is a reality show that follows the lives of 12 Korean celebrities living together in a share house, kinda like Celebrity Big Brother but so SO much better and funnier! When I first watched it I only really knew of Jackson (GOT7), Sunny (Girl's Generation) and Young-ji (Kara), Lee Dong-Wook is in this to but I watched this before I watched Goblin but he's just a awesome to, in fact all the celebrities in the house are awesome, interesting, and funny and I loved seeing their interactions and how close they grew, it was so sweet. I also loved the outings they had as I learned a lot about Korean culture and food, they're almost always eating in this show and it makes me so hungry, Korean food is SO good! After watching this Jackson became my bias I just loved how much energy he had, how random he was and how adorable he is especially when he got a donkey for his birthday... no joke that is one thing you definitely need to see!

So the concept of IGOT7 is that it's a variety show where GOT7 take on different challenges in order to become the perfect multi-talented idols and I love that even with the silly challenges and harsh punishments that these boys can still just goof around, have fun, and laugh with each other. I don't think I have ever laughed so much watching a TV show before and it definitely made my days much brighter, also loved seeing the early days of angry screaming JB he's definitely my bias wrecker!

First thing you have to do is download the V Live app then just binge watch everything that GOT7 have ever posted, then head on over to their YouTube and binge watch everything there! These shows are kinda like a day in the life/behind the scenes look at GOT7 whether it be dance practices, eating, pranking, touring or just chilling but there's guaranteed fun times and lots of laughter I swear I can happily watch these boys just eating ramen all day!

Before GOT7 existed there was JJ Project and this was the drama series that started it all AKA another excuse to show off their awesome singing and dancing skills. There are quite a few KPop idols staring in this including the big chief JYP and although I will admit the lead female characters are slightly annoying I loved JB and Jinwoon (2am) even though JB cringes when he sees it now. The actor of the group Jinyoung isn't featured in this as much as I thought he would be but his character is so sweet and I loved the dancing, I just can't believe how smol everyone looks in this, they've grown up so much!

I'm kinda addicted to Arirang TV after randomly discovering it on my TV, most shows are in English or subbed which is pretty sweet for a Korean network and they even invite international fans to take part in their shows which is great as I've loved KPop for so long but sometimes it's hard to find things about your fave groups outside of Korea let alone interact with them especially when you don't know the language. One of the things I love most about GOT7 which I didn't know when I first found them was that they are a multi-national group and can speak many different languages so can communicate with fans all around the world and ASC gives them a great opportunity to do this. GOT7 are so sweet to their fans and although they may be so hyped they give the MC's headaches that's exactly why we love them.

GOT7's foreign members Jackson (Hong Kong) and BamBam (Thailand) join the Korean army and experience life as a soldier. These two are probably the craziest members of the group so seeing them in the army was just so funny but they definitely pulled it off despite some amusing cultural/language misunderstandings. There were some moments that just broke my heart though and I cried a couple times watching it but don't worry the sadness never lasts too long when these two are around and it's a really interesting look into Korean army training and what life is like for the soldiers.

Are you a GOT7 fan? What's your favourite Kpop group?
Love & Cuddles

7 more shows to check out...
♥ Legend of the Blue Sea  - Jinyoung plays young Lee Min Ho.
♥ Law of the Jungle - Jackson in Costa Rica, Mark in New Zealand and most recently JB in Cook Island spend a week trying to survive life in the jungle.
♥ Hitmaker - Listen to their hilarious debut song then watch the series to find out how this amazing group was formed.
♥ Where Is My Friends Home - BamBam and Jackson take a trip to Thailand and explore my home in the north as well as spending some time in Bangkok eating all the delicious foods with BamBam's mother.
♥ A Look At Myself - A day in the life with Jackson.
♥ Celebrity Bromance - Jackson and JB go on "dates" with their idol friends for a day.
♥ Magic School - Jinyoung stars in this web drama about you guessed it a Magic School.

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