30 June 2017

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (June 2017)

Light, Udaipur

I won't lie this month has been a bit of a struggle mentally for me although there were some absolutely amazing and fun moments that dark cloud seemed to take over but thankfully I got through it and I'm feeling much better and more myself again. July is going to be another busy month for me but I'm going to make it a priority to take better care of myself and not get too overwhelmed, I hope everyone is doing good, is happy, safe and healthy. Enjoy this months links and be sure to share your fave links to!

♥ The Top Travel Trends of 2017

♥ What Is Casual Cosplay, Everyday Cosplay & DisneyBound Anyway?

♥ Going Green: An Introduction

♥ You Don't Have To Be A Girlboss To Kick Ass

♥ Studying Earth’s harshest landscapes could help us discover life on Mars

Window Display

♥ 5 Ways To Battle Self Doubt

♥ The Perfectly Quintessential European Bucket List

♥ 8 Ways To Chill Our When You Need A Break

♥ Embracing My Inner Girly Geek!

♥ Are You Checking Work Email in Bed? At the Dinner Table? On Vacation?


 ♥ How To Stay Positive When The News Is Incessantly Negative

♥ 8 Ways To Worry Less

♥ How To Get Yourself Unstuck (And Massively Increase Your Personal Power)

♥ Finding Confidence Among Uncertainty

♥ 6 Mistakes We Make When Depressed or Having a Panic Attack

tuileries 08

♥ How I Map Out a Successful Week

♥ Blogging More Efficiently And Productively

♥ Chic Pixel’s Top 10 Anime Opening Themes

♥ 22 Of My Best Ever Blogging Tips

♥ 25 Things To Stop Freaking Out About Right Now

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