12 April 2017

Asian Dramas I'm Watching and Loving!

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Time again to share with you some of the Asian dramas I've been watching and loving lately. I have to say I've been watching some really good ones lately especially from Korea and I've almost entirely abandoned some of the western series I used to watch! So if you're looking for a break away from the usually TV schedule here are just a few Asian series for you to check out...

เสิร์ฟรักล้นใจให้ยัยตัวแสบ & ทฤษฎีป่วนหัวใจให้ปิ๊งรัก
U-Prince is making the list again and this time I'm recommending two series as they're only four episodes each, The Badass Baker AKA Dash and The Absolute Economist AKA Teddy, I will admit T-Rex is still my fave "prince" and probably will always be but these two boys are just as handsome and sweet but what I liked most about these two more than the previous U-Prince series I've watched is the female leads who we're just as funny and charming as the boys, they were actual fully formed characters in themselves with their own stories and problems rather than just a romantic plot device for the male lead in fact I think I actually preferred watching Chompink more than Teddy!

This is a Taiwanese drama about a boy who is lost in the mountains and raised by wolves who then falls in love with a girl and tries to adjust to life back in the human world. Pretty much as soon as I saw wolf in the title I knew I had to watch it even though the wolves are big, cuddly, adorable Malamutes but they're one of my favourite dogs so I won't complain. The lead actors of this series are so cute and I really found myself rooting for them and their families to, everyone was just so incredibly sweet in this drama it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Goblin definitely filled the hole that Legend of the Blue Sea left when it finished although both aired in Korea at the same time this drama became the second most highest rated drama in Korean TV history and it totally deserves it to! Goblin is about an immortal Goblin who lives with a Grim Reaper and falls in love with a girl who can see Ghosts, I don't want to go into the plot too much because y'all need to watch this because it's just so beautiful in every way. I loved these characters so much and seeing the mythology and history of their past lives and how it affected their present and future lives (much like Legend of the Blue Sea) was so interesting to watch, there were so many cute, funny moments but then as with most KDramas you get hit like a truck in the feels so make sure you have some tissues when you watch this.

This slice of life drama set in an old fashioned sweet shop in Japan is really heartwarming. The drama centers around Taro who lives with his grandmother who owns a sweet shop and spends most of his days hanging out with his neighbourhood friends thinking about the future and reminiscing about their childhood days. Although the drama isn't especially exciting and there's not much action (each episode is only 20 minutes long) it really filled me with a sense of nostalgia probably because I'm at the same stage in life as these characters where I'm am adult and have to deal with adult life but want to keep a sense of my childhood despite the harsh realities of the world. This is one of those dramas that's just nice to kick back and relax to after a stressful day because it's such an easy watch and although there are some very strange and sad moments it does leave you with a sense of hope.

Doctor Oh Yeon-Joo's father mysteriously goes missing after completing the latest chapter of his webtoon and while searching his office for clues Oh Yeon-Joo get's dragged into the world of the webtoon by it's dying main character Kang Cheol in order to save him. THIS drama is AMAZING the plot is really unique compared to most other Asian dramas, yes it's romance but there's a lot of mystery and supernatural elements to which I really loved and it's done in such a interesting, stylish way. I have never binge watched a series so quickly it sucked me in right from the start (pun intended) and is definitely one of the best Asian dramas I've ever watched.

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