17 March 2017

Anime Series I'm Watching and Loving!

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During my stay in the UK I made the most of my time indoors hiding away from the cold weather by catching up on anime. There are so many series on my to watch list I don't know when or even if I'll ever catch up to the latest season but nevermind at least I'll never be short of new things to watch. I've watch quite a lot of series but I've just listed five of my favourites be sure to let me know if you've watched them and what your thoughts were on them.

One Punch Man is totally worth the hype! I have to admit when I first heard about this anime I thought it was just another sports anime but I happened to catch the series finale on TV whilst I was in Japan and it was not at all what I expected but in the most amazing way. If you're bored of the usual hero fights villains, hero saves the day stories then you need to watch this because it pokes fun at all those tropes in a really amusing way. I absolutely adore Saitama and Genos (they have the best friendship) and I love all the other heroes and their hilarious hero names, I definitely want to be a saikyou hero!!

ユーリ!!! on ICE
It seems like everyone is obsessed with this anime so I had to give it a watch even though sports anime series aren't really my fave but I am an ice skating fan and it's probably the only sport I really watch so I gave it ago and although I'm not in love with it like many people I did think it was sweet and I enjoyed it although I would have loved to have seen more about the other skaters but I suppose the series is called Yuri on Ice, obviously I'm a fan of the Thai skater Phichit not just because he's Thai but he happens to train in a mall in Bangkok which is right next to my house and I've known my whole life... maybe I'll have to go skating there soon!

Sailor Moon was probably the first anime I was obsessed with even before I knew what anime was and now it's back and there's so much amazing merchandise (especially the make-up line) I could not be happier. I'll admit it has taken me forever and a day to get round to watching the anime remake but I finally did and I love it because it brings back such fond memories of the original series and my childhood, I hope they make a new series soon!

I love cats and I love bananas so a series all about cute little cats that live inside bananas and want to become choco-bananas is definitely something I'm into. I've been seeing these plushies around Thailand a lot lately and thought it was the latest San-X offering (kinda like Nyan Nyanko) but after some random googling I found out it's an anime and it's SO KAWAII and ridiculous but I love it, it kinda reminds me of the Gudetama and Kogepan cartoons they used to make, short but extremely cute.

If you're a Yuri on Ice fan or a cheerleader fan then definitely check this anime out. I admit I actually liked this one a lot more than Yuri on Ice because it wasn't as gratuitously "fan servicey" (which I found kinda cringe) and the relationships between the characters seemed more sincere and developed although the actual sports in this "sports anime" seems to be more of a side note, I think more screen time is given to them eating tonkatsu than cheerleading, but it's a very feel good anime about how each characters uses cheerleading as a way to overcome their past insecurities so if you're looking for a pick me up then check this one out.

What anime are you watching now?
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