10 February 2017

5 Fandom Friday: Galentine's Day Gifts

YEY FANDOM FRIDAY IS BACK!! This week we're sharing out 5 favourite Galentine's Day gifts which is a whole new concept to me but one I really love because my "gal pals" definitely deserve some love this Valentine's season to in fact I'll take any excuse to spoil my awesome friends because they all deserve it! It has been waaay too long since my last 5 Fandom Friday post and If you don't know what 5 Fandom Friday then head on over to the Female Geek Bloggers group and check it out and join in, I really want to start doing them again because I miss being an active part of the group which always have some really interesting topics to talk about so hopefully you'll see more of these posts soon, maybe not weekly but at least monthly 

♥ Yankee Candles - I find that if I'm feeling stressed or want to relax one of the things that helps is to light a scented candle so I figure I would share the love with my girlfriends because y'all need to treat yo' self!

♥ Notebook - Whether you need to write your thoughts down, write your next awesome novel or just your weekly shopping list notebooks are great gifts, super cute and really useful to.

♥ Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack - Etude House make my favourite cute cosmetics and they work wonders on my skin so what better way to relax and treat yourself than with a super cute facemask.

♥ Rat Queens - This is one of my fave "Girl Power" comics which I know I've mentioned several times before but I want everyone to read it because it's awesome, fun and crass all at the same time.

♥ Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Speaking of awesome, fun and crass things I recently re-discovered one of my fave anime series, it's like Powerpuff Girls on crack and I love it especially the dubbed version which is done so perfectly you'd think it wasn't an anime at all!

Love & Bubble Tea

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