20 October 2016

5 Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving

That Evening In Chinatown

It's not just anime I've been watching a lot of lately it's Asian dramas, they're kinda a guilty pleasure of mine and I tend to watch a lot of Thai dramas so I can practice my language skills even though every drama seems to follow the same story but I do kinda like them as they don't take things to seriously and they cast the best looking people haha! I don't just watch Thai dramas though I watch a lot of Japanese and Korean ones to so here are a few of my faves that I've recently watched

This is a Korean drama based on a popular webtoon about a struggling comic artist that one rainy day finds a stray cat and falls in love. The drama is told from both the protagonists and the cat's point of view which is super cute and I really enjoyed, it's very funny but as the story begins to unfold you get hit right in the feels so be warned you might need tissues.

So the title pretty much says it all, this drama is all about Seiya Todoin who's handsome, smart and rich but pretty much clueless about girls and his mission to get a girlfriend. So I watched this a long time ago with Violet when we were in Japan because Yutaka Kobayashi who plays Kaito in Kamen Rider Gaim was in it and it completely shattered my illusions of this guy being super cool because he is such a dork in this (and in real life) but I loved how stupid and hilarious this drama was and I still want a second season dammit!

This is a Thai drama about a girl who gets bullied at school by her first crush then becomes a complete social recluse and deals with it by wearing a box over her head. So I kinda related to this drama in the fact that I'm totally socially awkward and have at times just wanted to hide away in a box but I learned to deal and so does Maewnam. This drama is equal parts funny and cute and the cast is hot! I loved the development of the characters in this drama to from Maewnam living in box to becoming a strong woman and standing up to the bullies not just for her sake but for her friends and family. If you're new to Thai dramas then this is part of a collection of series titled Ugly Ducking which are just 7 episodes long and although I haven't actually seen the other series yet they're definitely on my watch list.

This Japanese drama is basically about a bunch of oddballs that work the late shift at a convenience store. So this drama may not sound like much but it is hilarious, I found myself laughing out loud many times watching this, if you can't already tell I love a drama that doesn't take itself too seriously and this was such a fun watch so I totally recommend it if you need a giggle.

If you love murder mystery shows you will love this one and if you're a Sherlock fan you will love it even more because this show is basically Japanese Sherlock I mean they even have the same hairstyle! I also love the fact that the show is set in Kyoto (one of my fave places)so you get to see a lot of traditional Japan. The series is based on the novels of Alice Arisugawa and after watching the series I'm definitely going to check out the books!

What Asian dramas have you watched?
Love & Chai

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