30 September 2016

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (September 2016)


I'm back in Chiang Mai after a fun filled few weeks with my family in Bangkok, Thailand has always felt like home to me but now I'm actually living here it feels even more so, I was so happy to spend some more time with my family after being away for a few months but now it's back to my studies and time to do some hard work but don't worry there are some really fun things coming up soon so stay tuned...

 Feng Shui For Creativity: 10 Ways To Get Inspired And Invoke Your Genius

 Developing Confidence Without Becoming Arrogant

 When You're Extremely Unmotivated

 What The First Disney Movie You Saw In Theatres Says About You

 5 Signs You Need A Spirituality Detox

Together We Stand

 The Top 10 Tips I've Learnt From Minimalists

 How To Get Serious About Blogging

 Turn An Old Book Into A New Purse

 5 Tips For Twitter To Help Grow Your Brand

 Letting Go of Expectations: A Dog’s Wisdom on People and Life

A paused thought

 5 Tips For Managing Your To-Do List

 Petty Things That 20 Somethings Fear

 Our poor sleeping habits are filling our brains with neurotoxins

 6 Online Communities To Love

 Why 30 Is The Decade Friendships Disappear And What To Do About It

Passing By

 Blog Post Ideas For When You're Stuck

♥ A Note On Androgyny

♥ How To Smile At Life

♥ 17 Examples of British Slang That Are Simply Awesome

♥ Yoga For Gamers

Love & Onigiri

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