19 July 2016

FYeahJapan: Sky High on the HEP 5

Osaka HEP 5

Do ever have those moments when you just feel like you're in a movie? When riding the HEP 5 in Osaka and seeing the Japanese city skyline at night I felt like I was in my favourite movie Blade Runner, pretty damn cool!

Osaka HEP 5 Osaka HEP 5

Osaka at night is so pretty and I'd definitely recommend a ride in the HEP 5 it's also home to the Gudetama cafesome awesome shops similar to the ones you can find in Shibuya 109 and there's a SEGA arcade in there to, basically HEP 5 has it all and it's fun place to spend the night plus riding a ferris wheel is such a great way to see the city.

Where is you favourite view of the city?
Love & Unicorns

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