26 April 2016

FYeahJapan: Bunnies, Pandas, Moomins & Kapibarasan!

Kapibarasan Christmas Cafe 

There are just so many adorable theme cafés in Japan it would be hard to visit them all but we at least made a good attempt to! It seemed like every week there was a new theme café to visit so there's no shortage of them to keep you busy, whether you're into robots or rabbits there is a café out there for everyone, so here are a few more of the cute places we visited in Tokyo.

Kapibarasan Christmas Cafe
Kapibarasan 10th Anniversary Café
If it wasn't for instagram and its awesome hashtags I would have never found out about this place and we got there just in time as it was the last day of business and also Christmas Day. This place was the cutest there was cute Kapibarasan decorations everywhere including the toilet and the food all looked delicious and with it being Christmas I thought I would go for the Christmas pancakes which were yummy although the cream Christmas tree turned my mouth and my insides completely green, I also loved that they had printed Kapibarasan's face on the potatoes it was so cute, it's such a shame it wasn't permanent as I would have loved to go again and try some of the other yummy looking food they had on the menu.

Ra.a.g.f Rabbit Cafe in Harajuku
Ra.a.g.f - Harajuku
There's a new trend starting and it's the rabbit café, Ra.a.g.f or rabbit and grow fat is just a short walk from Kiddyland in Harajuku and definitely worth a visit! I love bunnies so much and it kinda amused me that the sign even had them pooping on it which was kinda the theme of our visited as once we'd picked our bunny to play with and he was let out of his cage he preceded to poop all over the place in excitement, luckily after growing up with bunnies and sharing my bedroom with one for 5 years bunny poop is something I'm used to. It was 700 yen to play with the bunnies for 30 minutes and that also included a drink you could also buy food for the bunnies for 100 yen which I did as there's no better way to a bunny's heart than with food. Oh and one final thing they have a giant bunny there which I kid you not is bigger than my dog, definitely a sight to see!

Moomin Bubble Tea Stand & Cafe
Moomin Café  & Bubble Tea Stand
There is Moomin stuff all over Japan and after passing the Bubble Tea stand in Sunshine City a few times we decided to try it out and I kid you not the soy caramel was the best bubble tea I've ever had in fact we enjoyed it so much we went back there for breakfast the next morning before flying out to Seoul. Upon our return to Tokyo and after our failed first attempt at visiting the Cinnamoroll Café we visited the SkyTree and found an actual Moomin restaurant after being seated we were joined by a giant Moomin Papa plush which I thought was so damn cute but unfortunately as with most restaurants in Japan there wasn't many savoury options for vegetarians so I decided to go for one of their Christmas desserts which came with a free plate and it was quite possibly one of the best desserts I've ever eaten, Moomin-sama definitely knows how to cook!

OjiPan Cafe Harajuku
Ojipan Café
Directly opposite the Pom Pom Purin Café in Harajuku this place doesn't get quite enough attention which is kinda sad because Uncle Panda is just as cute if not cuter in my opinion. The café is probably better know for its omurice but I was craving something sweet so went with this adorable parfait or "Ojipan of small healing parfait" oh engrish how I love it!

What theme cafes would you love to visit?
Love & Pancakes

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