29 March 2016

FYeahJapan: Treat Time with Gudetama, Cinamoroll, Pom Pom Purin & Hello Kitty

Cinnamoroll Cafe

Japan has lot's of adorable theme cafés and we visited quite a few different ones during our travels, these are only a few of the many cafés there are to visit in Japan and there are new ones appearing every day for everything you could imagine so I thought today I would share some of the cute Sanrio related ones we visited and the yummy food I ate there to.

Gudetama Cafe
Gudetama Café
Gudetama is EVERYWHERE in Japan and probably more popular than Hello Kitty at the moment! The Gudetama Café opened on December 19th 2015 in HEP 5 in Osaka and we visited a couple days after so there were big bouquets of flowers outside, surprisingly it wasn't that busy either and we managed to get a table right away. I loved the egg shaped chairs they had there, all the Gudetama plushies and egg butts everywhere, I still don't understand why Gudetama has a butt but I love it and find it hilarious. There are lot's of delicious foods and drinks to chose from on the menu all looking like the egg himself so I decided to go all out and treat myself to the most expensive thing on the menu the french toast and lucky it did not disappoint with it's strawberry chocolate flavoured fake bacon. As with all theme cafés there's a little shop by the till where you can buy souvenirs of the characters but the selection is always quite small however we did get a free cute Gudetama Café sticker to commemorate our visit.

Cinnamoroll Cafe
Cinnamoroll Café
The Cinnamoroll Café is a pop-up café inside Parco in Shibuya, it was supposed to be there for only a few weeks in December but it was still there in January when I left so they must have extended their stay however this one was kinda a pain to get in and after waiting a few hours on our first attempt and getting no where close we decided to visit again on a quieter day but the wait was still a few hours, you don't have to stand in line for hours though you just take a ticket with a number on and come back when you number is called so we decided to go shopping around Shibuya and came back later. They had quite a few interesting options on the menu one being a blue curry with cotton candy but I decided to play it safe and get a soda and we shared a cake which was surprisingly big, it also came with a free cup and my soda came with a free keychain and we also got some cute coasters to take home to. The cake was nice, not too sweet but nothing really special it's mostly about the cuteness rather than the taste, probably not worth the long wait but I still enjoyed it and all the silly photos we got!

Pom Pom Purin Café
Pom Pom Purin Café
The Pom Pom Purin Café was the first theme café we visited and it was decorated in cute Christmas decorations, this one is on Takeshita-dōri in Harajuku and a permanent fixture, it was mostly empty on the day we visited to so we got a table right away and rested for a while after a busy day of shopping. I ordered what I think was the Pom Pom Purin parfait and it was a lot bigger than expected in fact I didn't manage to eat it all which is kinda shocking for me also it was a bit weird and had some sour and quite bitter things in it (no idea what) but the pudding was pretty good! Sidenote the toilet was super fancy and had a lot of different buttons to play with which was kinda fun and interesting.

Hello Kitty Snacks
Hello Kitty Snacks
There is a Hello Kitty Café in Tokyo but unfortunately we didn't have time to visit it although we did visit one on our trip to Seoul in Korea which I'll be posting about soon so here are a couple of the Hello Kitty snacks I bought the first one was strawberry popcorn which was from a machine inside the Sanrio Shop in Shinsaibashi Osaka and the second a matcha sundae from the Hello Kitty shop in Odiaba both of which were delicious although I will pretty much buy anything with the Kitty on, Kitty has all my monies!

Who is your favourite Sanrio character?
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