26 September 2014

My Geek Confessions

Recently Mariko AKA Gamerwife decided to share some of her "Geeky Confessions" with the world which has spurred a whole bunch of other bloggers to do the same so now it's my turn to confess. People tend to lump us geeks all in one box thinking we're all into the exact same things but it's just not the case, so here are a few of my confessions....

Games are just not my thing, I mean I used to game a lot but I was never really skilled at it and it was mostly just a social thing I did with friends. I don't really have much interest in gaming now, my Wii and DS just seem to be gathering dust, to be honest I'd much rather spend my money and free time reading more comics.

I don't I'm sorry, I think they're cute and everything but I think I missed the boat when it came to the Pokémon hype. I've never seen the cartoon although I did very briefly play Pokémon Red but I just don't get it.

There I said it and people always seem super shocked when I say this but I don't like Harry Potter and yes I gave it a chance and I've watched all the movies more than once but meh it's just not my thing...

This is perhaps more shameful when I tell you I have a degree in English Literature... I know! We never studied Tolkien in school and despite loving the movies and a friend lending me the books I never really had any interest in reading them but one day I'll try reading them... maybe.

Be sure to lcheck out Mariko's original post & let me know in the comments what your geek confessions are
Love & Pancakes

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