21 March 2014

Gluten Free Rosemary, Sea Salt & Pesto Focaccia Bread

As I've become more healthy in my diet I find myself buying less and less pre-made foods and ready meals, I used to buy soup quite frequently but now I prefer to make my own as I like knowing exactly what and where my ingredients come from, but I thought I would kick it up a notch this year and break out of my comfort cooking zone and try a few more challenging recipes.

Bread is something that I've wanted to make for the longest time however I recently discovered I have a mild intolerance to wheat. So after a few frustrating weeks of eyeing the fancy focacias at the bakery I decided to hell with it I'll make my own, bought some gluten free flour, scoured the internet for instructions and finally went with this simple recipe changing it only slightly to have a pesto rosemary topping (which I also made from scratch) instead of mixing it into the loaf.

It took me nearly all day to make with all the proving the dough had to do (I passed the time by having another Game of Thrones marathon) but it was totally worth it because my first attempt actually came out pretty damn good! It was spongy, crunchy and the pesto topping gave it a great flavour, I'm not sure I'll be making it regularly as it was so time consuming but it's definitely something I'd treat myself to on a special occasion.

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Small Victories & Pesto

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