21 October 2013


Snugburys not only has amazing ice cream but amazing hay sculptures, every year they build something awesome last year it was a polar bear and this year in honour of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who they built a Darlek!

I totally took this as an excuse to dress up and quickly made myself an "Oswin Belt" complete with whisk, and when I say quickly I mean a few hours but if I ever cosplay as Oswin again I will definitely make myself a better belt because this one pretty much fell apart after I wore it

Snugburys went all out with their sculpture this year because this thing lit up, moved and talked; not only that but they had special "Da-lick" cones you could buy which featured a delicious Dalek printed wafer, as you could tell I was super excited, geeky stuff and ice cream is a heavenly combination for me.

Of course after I quickly "exterminated" my ice cream which was bloody lovely by the way, I couldn't resist buying a few more tubs to bring home with me and the great thing is they have a low fat version to so I don't have to feel too guilty about eating a whole tub, although I do wish they would make some Jammie Dodger ice cream!

Fish Fingers & Custard

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