30 November 2012

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (November 2012)

2012 is almost over can you believe it? Christmas is in a few weeks and I feel like life is starting to get hectic there's a million and one things I want to get done before the new year starts but I also think it's important to just relax and appreciate what you have, so without further a do here are some great links to check out this month.

 How To Organise Your Stuff Without Spending Any Money - Some great tips on organisation here and something which I'm trying to get ahead of for the new year!

 Waking Up And Forgetting A Bad Day

 What Readers Want: How To Please Them And Stay True To You - I'm always looking for new ways to improve my blog and this is a really interesting article which I'm sure will help others to.

 Change - A great article from Goop about how meditation can help, I love all the tips and exercises in it, meditation is something that has definitely helped me clear my messy headspace!

 Good Ideas Take Time

 Am I A Hypocrite For Professing Radical Self Love While Wearing 5 Inch Heels? - This is something I've been wondering myself, it's a really interesting thing to look at your habits and behaviours to see if they really are an expression of who you are or something that's holding you back.

 How To Remove The Clutter And Get A Badass Simple Lifestyle - This is something I've definitely been trying to implement into my life lately and it's nice to know that even the littlest of changes can make a big difference.

 11 More Life Lessons For Peace, Love And Happiness

 Rambling On - A really truthful and honest post from Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky which I can definitely relate to and I'm sure many of us twentysomethings can to.

 Make You Own Play Teepee - When the weather is cold outside there's nothing quite like building yourself a little nest to hide away in!

 The Beatles Paper Toys

 Olive Box - I love this idea of a monthly gift box for stationary lovers and it would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone, unfortunately it's not available outside the US (boooo!) but hopefully everyone can join in on the fun soon.

 Take 100 NASA Photos, Stir, Make Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ - I have no words as to how amazing this is, it's literally made of pure awesome!

 50 Best Websites of 2012

 Dog Shamming - This gave me a bit of a giggle, I love this idea and will definitely have to do one with my James!

 Blogging and Success - Do you need to blog in order to be successful? Some interesting thoughts here.

 Three Things Bloggers Don't Want To Do

 10 Tips To Being The Best Writer You Can Be - Great tips especially the ones about reading and writing I feel you have to do both these things everyday in order to advance and improve.

 Classic Beauty Staples You Need To Own - Who new that pile cream would work wonders on those eye bags!

 Be Inspired

 Overcoming Shyness: How To Feel More Confident - I feel like my confidence is still a work in progress but I'm slowly coming out of my cave and these great tips really help.

Warm Hugs & Hot Toddies

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