03 March 2011

Beauty Blitz: My Make-up Collection

by Jessie Dee Makeup
This year I have vowed to be more creative with my make-up I've been totally inspired by all these wonderful tutorials I've seen that it's not enough for me just to stick to my usual mascara and eyeliner I want to be brighter and bolder and more colourful.

My make-up collection is actually quite small, partly because I just cleared out a  bunch of old products I had and partly because I like to use things up before I go out and buy new things, so here's a look at the products I own.

Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream
Za Powder Compact + Refils
Mistine Powder Compact

A lot of my facial products I buy in Thailand as I find the shades suit me better and they work much better for my skin. I stopped using foundation about 2 years ago after a weekend away when I had forgotten to pack my regular foundation and was forced to use my BB cream as a substitute but I found after that weekend how much better I looked and how much clearer my skin was so since that weekend I've never looked back and have been using my BB cream as foundation ever since.

MAC Tres Teal Mineralize Eyeshadow
Kiss Australia Pink Eyeshadow
Liz Collinge Brown Eyeshadow
MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly Palette
MAC Royal Assets Smokey Eyes Palette
MAC Manish Arora Palette
MAC Venomous Villians My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow

When it comes to eyeshadows I'm like a magpie I go for the pretty packaging which is why the majority are MAC limiteds, I like to buy palettes because they're easy to travel with and also because it gives me a good selection of different colours to work with.

 Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascara
Mistine Cat Eyes Eyeliner
MAC Glitter Eye Pencils
Dior Ultimeyes Mascara

I LOVE Dior mascara it's my absolute fave and I'm constantly wearing mascara and eyeliner, I've actually just used up two Maybelline mascaras and a Miss Sporty kohl pencil. The Lancome pen is the best concealer/highlighter I've totally recommend it!

Dior Princess Ring Lip Gloss
Dior Pretty Charms Lip Gloss
Dior Light Lip Gloss
Dior Luggage Tag Lip Gloss
MAC Hello Kitty Sweet Strawberry Lip Glass
Hello Kitty Lip Palette
MAC Vivi Glam Gaga, Lickable, Dark Deed & Heartless Lipstick

The Dior lip glosses I've been collecting for years, I bought most of them from duty free lounges so they're also souvenirs from my travels. I've actually only started to wear lipstick in the last year and when it comes to lip colour I like to be bold with it which is why I have quite a few of the Limecrime shades because they're not your usual colours.

MAC Fafi Fashion Frenzy Blush
MAC Hello Kitty Tippy Blush
I actually used to own several blushes which I used regularly but I never replaced them when I finished them and now I hardly wear blush at all in fact I don't think I've even touched the Hello Kitty one!

My collection of purple brushes (my favourite colour) which I purchased of eBay, they're all goats hair which I've found to be better for my sensitive skin I did have a couple MAC brushes but I found them to be quite hard on me and yes I do pretty much use all of them!

So that's my make-up collection and no doubt I'll probably be adding more to it very soon!
What are your must have favourite make-up products?

Love & Lipstick

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