10 March 2014

5 Awesome Supernatural Tees

Supernatural is getting a 10th season can you believe it!? I still can't quite believe this show is still going although the fandom is a heck of a lot bigger now than it was in the beginning, can you believe when it first aired I used to watch it on YouTube before it started in the UK. The good thing is with more popularity and a bigger fandom we get lots of awesome fan art so here are some tees that I've got to add to ever growing collection of Supernatural tees!

I love this Supernatural/Drive design so much that I broke my no spend rule and bought it when it popped up on Ript Apparel  although I did restrain myself enough to resist getting the Sam version but I think we all know that I'm more of a Dean girl plus I think he's probably more suited to the role of "Driver"

I'm a sucker for great typography so of course I would love this design it not only incorporates all the popular symbols of the show (Pig 'n a Poke!) but cleverly uses them to spell out the Winchester name, a simple design but really awesome!

Hunter Comic
I have a thing for kitsch old style comics and maybe these designs are played out a bit too much but I love them, I mean check out Dean's cheekbones, I could see these guys kicking demons asses old school film noir style, oh wait I think they did that already...

Winchester Pursuit
I have to admit the only time I played Trivial Pursuit I sucked at it but it has a pretty iconic design which I like so this tee caught my eye and I thought it was really clever and subtle. I love all the demonic symbols hidden on the board and they've even got Cas on there to.

I Ain't Afraid of No Demons
Ghostbusters was one of the first things I loved as a kid, while other girls were playing with My Little Pony and Sylvanian Families I was shooting ghosts with my Ghost Zapper. Ghostbusters was totally my gateway addiction to shows like the X-Files, Buffy and Supernatural so I couldn't think of a more perfect design and a more perfect role for the Supernatural boys #INSTABUY!

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