11 October 2013

SDCC: Seeing Supernatural at Nerd HQ

My magical run of Comic Con good luck ran through right until the end when I managed to score a ticket to the Supernatural Nerd HQ panel, in past years only Jared had done them but this year Jensen came to. Getting tickets was kinda a nightmare as soon as they went on sale they were listed as sold out but after a refresh of the page I somehow managed to score one ticket,  I then spent the next hour refreshing the page trying to get tickets for Violet and Steph but alas no luck, there were most definitely sold out so I was going alone....

I've watched this show since the beginning and as much as I love Supernatural I didn't fancy camping out for Hall H and competing with the Doctor Who and Breaking Bad fans for seats, and I was pretty sure the signing tickets would disappear really fast in the morning so I was determined to get these Nerd HQ tickets so I would at least get to see them in person while I was there.

I had also made Jared, Jensen and Misha (well technically their kids) some special "Hellhound" scarves to give them, Steph and Violet managed to meet Misha on Saturday for some random crazy Gishwishes contest thing and gave his to him then but my lame slightly intoxicated attempts to get Jared and Jensen to notice me at Nerd HQ failed so no Hellhounds for them :(

Did I mention I was slightly tipsy by the time the panel started.... yeah, I had a margarita at lunch with Yume then got to Nerd HQ early to avoid the crowds of Hiddlestoners that were gonna be there so had a few beers while I waited which will probably explain why you can see me shamelessly squealing on the front row, my inner fangirl will forever be on the internet... oh dear!

Who cares though right? I had a great time and I finally got to see my Winchester boys YEY! I won't bother telling you about the panel because you can see it in it's full glory for yourself and witness the amazing tale of why they were late, Jensen's Russian accent, Jared eating a whole pack of gummy bears and let's not forget the adorable Zac Levi who not only organised the whole shebang but raised a lot of money for charity in the process.

It was just the perfect ending to a perfect Comic Con, I was so happy yet so exhausted by the end of it all but I had the best time ever and I want to go again so badly if only just to hang out with my geek girls so bring on the next Comic Con!

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