20 June 2013

5 Awesome and Inspired Doctor Who Tees

Pretty much 80% of my closet is made up of  "geeky tees" and Day of the Shirt has become an obsession of mine as I find myself checking in everyday to see what new t-shirt designs are on offer. These daily T-shirt printing websites have introduced me to so many amazing artists who are creating such awesome, witty, nerdy T-shirt designs that I had to share just a few of my favourites starting with Doctor Who.

I love the Art Nouveau style and all the little details hidden in this design, you can tell it's been really thought out and a really unique, the Amy Pond version is just as beautiful to but we need more Clara tees in this world, just sayin'

What's this? A geeky reference towards a geeky reference in a geeky show about another geeky show it's like Whoception.... you still with me? Yeah I love Community (and Doctor Who) and when nerd worlds collide and create something super Nintendo and awesome it deserves a mention.

I want every single one of these designs they're just so clever and so beautifully done. I'm a sucker for something different and this has me wanting a Disney Doctor Who crossover so much, I just love seeing the Tardis pop up in random places.

River Song is one of my favourite characters ever and this pin up style design just fits her character perfectly, I love the attention to detail in this with the arrow sonic and the "book of spoilers" in fact all these Doctor Who designs are pretty awesome so be sure to check them out! 

How cute is this? I love the nostalgic nod to vintage Doctor Who with the logo and Pooh dressed number 4 (Tom Baker is awesome btw!) I mean seriously if Disney ever did do a random Doctor Who crossover just imagine how awesome and adorable it would be!

What are some of your favourite Doctor Who designs? Be sure to let me know in the comments!
Jammie Dodgers & Daleks

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