30 September 2012

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (September 2012)

Where has September gone!? It seems like only yesterday I was waking up in the Thailand heat to the morning call of roosters and dogs barking, well I'm back in the U.K. now and winter is well on its way, but I better put those cold thoughts aside for now and keep myself warm and happy with this months links!

10 Remedies For A Rainy Day - Rainy season has well and truly hit Thailand and let's be honest we're not short of rain in the U.K. so here are 10 great things to do on a rainy day.

Etiquette // Internet

10 Radical Self Love Exercises To Boost Your Summer Lovin'! - Summer is nearly over but these positive exercises can be used all year round.

Social courage: How to Make Friends when People Make you Nervous - As someone who gets very nervous meeting people these are some great tips on how to meet new and amazing people.

10 Surefire Ways To Fail As A Blogger

Don't Like Your Job? Change It (Without Quitting) - Sometimes just a change of attitude can make us see something with though we disliked differently.

What's Your Secret To Shooting Photos? - I always love Nubby's stylish clean photography style so check out her advice for great looking photos.

5 Tip To Keeping Your Blog Relevant

Tips For Laying Out Blog Posts - I love those little tips on how to jazz up your photos, and will definitely have to try them out for myself.

Make Your Own Heart Sweater - This is so cute and a great way to brighten up those old winter jumpers

How To Make Your Own Transparent Clutch

DIY Vintage Inspired Silk Ribbon Embroidery  - Beautiful and surprisingly simple to do!

Hair Chalk: Add a Pop of Color to Your Do - I am absolutely loving this idea, it's such a great way to add a temporary blast of colour to your dull locks!

4 Styles For Short Hair

Weave Tricks: Layer Play With Sarah Woolley - This girl always has the most amazing hair and shares a few of her tips on how to get that mermaid look.

On Stalking - A terrifying story but sadly a truth that happens everyday to women.

Who Gets To Be Sexy? Is It Me?

Is The Pursuit Of Happiness A Bunch Of Bullshit? - A great read which really makes you think.

I Have Thousands of Transactional Friends, But I Don't Know If I Have Any Real Friends - I great read which I relate to so much!

23 Fun and Creative Activities To Nourish, Empower and Strengthen Your Friendships

Throw The Ultimate Beauty Sleepover Bash! - I love this and will definitely have to call up the girlfriends for a good old fashioned sleepover soon.

Indian Summers & Breezy Nights

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