06 April 2014

Winter is Coming....

Game of Thrones returns for another season and I could not be more excited, if you thought the Red Wedding was shocking be prepared because this season is going to be crazy I just can not wait! So to celebrate the return of my favourite series I've made another Direwolf Scarf, Summer.

Summer is Bran's Direwolf, and sometimes Bran. As I want to make each of the Direwolves look a different from each other I took inspiration from the show and the plushie for this design and went with a brownish coloured yarn, yellow glass eyes (the same as Nymeria and Grey Wind) and white details for the ears, chin and tail.

I'm so grateful for the positive feedback I've got on these scarves and to have George RR Martin say he likes them is the ultimate compliment! I can't wait to make more and complete my collection soon and who knows maybe once my Direscarf collection is complete I'll start work on some dragon scarves....

Dragons & Direwolves

*Scarves are limited edition and available to buy on ETSY and STORENVY

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