04 February 2014

New Handmade Designs for Sale

In case you missed it I added a few new items to my Etsy and Storenvy, I just love crafting it completely soothes me and it makes me so happy that others like my creations to, I love seeing pictures of people wearing my stuff and if you have any then please do share them with me and I'll give you a shoutout on my Facebook page.

Mike & Sulley Necklaces
Etsy // Storenvy ♥
Monsters, Inc. is one of my fave Pixar movies and after getting Monsters University for Christmas I was totally inspired to make something fun featuring my favourite monsters. I chose beads that I thought would compliment each of them and created the little charms using figurines I got from blind bags, now I kinda want to make necklaces for the other monsters what do you think?

White Snow Fox Scarf
Etsy // Storenvy ♥
Winter is well and truly here and I wanted to make something a bit special for those snowy days so chose a yarn with some added sparkle which I think adds an extra wintery touch to it and some icy blue buttons for eyes, just a little something to keep you looking cute and warm on those chilly days.

Violet Bunny Scarf
Etsy // Storenvy ♥
I love the colour of this yarn so much and I think it suits the bunny design so well, I've been making these for a while but gave them a mini makeover as the bows I was using previously had been discontinued but nevermind, I think these new bows are just as cute and compliment the violet colour perfectly.

Grey Glitter Bunny Scarf
Etsy // Storenvy ♥
Glitter makes everything better! I wasn't sure exactly what to do with this yarn when I first bough it but I figured everyone loves bunnies and they pretty much look cute in all colours. I didn't want to make this design too busy with the yarn already being glittery so chose a simple silver bow and some grey eyes to bring out the sparkle.

Love Bunny Scarf
♥ Etsy // Storenvy ♥
Valentine's Day is nearly here and I wanted to make something special for the occasion and nothing quite says love and cuddles like a cute bunny. I used a heart print bow and some red roses for that added Valentine's Day touch and thought I would give the bunny blue eyes to add a bit of softness, the perfect "I Love you" gift for that special someone.

Snowflakes & Bunny Hugs

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