11 April 2013

Winter is HERE!!!

Although it's "officially" summertime here in Winterfell there is still a little bit of snow left on the ground. March ended with me being knee deep in snow unable to leave my cave so I did what any other person would do I put on my snow gear and built some epic snow sculptures!

Building snowmen is a surprisingly good workout and so much fun to, there's just something about snow that turns me into a big kid again and my snow building started to attract an audience, several times I caught my neighbours poking their heads out the window to see what I was doing....

Of course I wasn't building any old snowman, nope I decided to build a Direwolf to stand guard outside Winterfell and protect us from those White Walkers and as Easter was on its way I also built a giant bunny who I named Frank.

I probably had way too much fun building these and now part of me wants to move to the North Pole and become a snow totem builder but I'm a child of summer and as fun as snow is I need me some sun already!

Is there still snow where you guys are and what's the craziest snowman you've ever built?
Love & Snowflakes

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