30 April 2013

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (April 2013)

Another month gone and another month closer to my adventure, I'm so excited (news on that coming soon!), April has been such a fun month for me and we're finally seeing signs of Spring! I really don't know how to sum up April it's definitely taught me quite a few things and made me realise a lot about myself I've had to work hard this month to keep a healthy mind and thankfully I've had a lot to help me get through it so I hope you find these links as useful as I did.

 30 Day Positivity Challenge - I love this idea it's such a great way to practice self-love.

 How Your Office Space Can Affect You Blogging, And What To Do About It

 A Beautiful Ripple Effect: How To Save a Life - I always strive to be a better person and these are some simple things to practice daily which could make a difference however small to your fellow humans.

 Beat the Bullies - I've been thinking about my own experience of bullies lately and what a negative affect it had on me growing up, I think things are a lot worse for kids now but the best way is to not give them a voice and not let them affect you because in the end they simply won't matter.

 20 Thoughts To Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression

 Maintaining a Healthy Brain While Working Online - Awesome tips and swapping out those sugary snacks and replacing them with fresh fruit and seeds definitely boosts your productivity power.

 How Do I Get Noticed? - Crochet extraordinaire Twinkie Chan shares some tips for small business owners, I often get asked this question and although my shop is nowhere near as popular as Twinkie's I believe if you work hard and don't give up that eventually you will find success.

 10 Ways to Tank Your Traffic

 How Blogging Has Helped Open Doors To Friendship And Career Opportunities - Nubby shares her story on how blogging has affected her life and the amazing opportunities it has given her.

 10 Lessons For Creatives From Lena Dunham - Awesome tips here for fellow creatives from the girl in the know Lena Dunham.

 Miyazaki for Kids: Using Animation to Promote Strong, Healthy Girlhood

 Never Stop Learning - I could not agree with this more and I believe if you have a dream you should do everything you can to achieve it.

 Five Staples to a Domestic Art Goddess's Day - Simple tips on how to keep a relaxed and creative environment.

 10 Reasons Why The Addams Family is Awesome(ly Feminist)

 10 Kind Ways to Deeply and Unabashedly Fall in Love with Yourself - "Self-love is the biggest gift you can ever give yourself. It’s the greatest freedom you’ll ever experience."

 D.I.Y. Kitty Ear Bowler Hat - I've been seeing these hats everywhere lately and I absolutely adore them, this is such a simple tutorial that will bring cuteness an old boring hat.

 30 Creative Ways to Repurpose Photos

 D.I.Y Cloud Sweater - This is the perfect way to add a bit of spring to your clothes and absolutely adorable  I'm definitely adding this to my projects list!

 10 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day in 10 Minutes Or Less - The perfect little remedies for when life is getting you down, I use every single ones of these and they are an instant mood booster!

 Helen Mirren Confronts The Final Female Taboo

 9 Things Everyone Should Try Alone - Everyone should try and do at least one of these things this month, there's nothing quite like getting over your inhibitions and enjoying your own company.

Love & Buttercups

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