25 April 2013

Read, Watch, Wear, Play

April started off pretty quiet for me which meant I had some time to myself to catch up on my hobbies but it's ended kinda crazy so who knows when I'll have time to chillax again. I tried to try out as many new and different things as I could this month and although most of it I didn't really enjoy I have found some real gems so here are my top faves you all should check out!

I promised myself I would try to read an actual book this month but alas decided to catch up on my comic book reading instead and treat myself to the new Avengers Assemble series. I honestly don't read enough Marvel but I really liked The New Avengers series so though I'd give this one a try and I'm glad I did, in relation I totally need this in my life!

Saying Game of Thrones would be obvious so I thought I would instead share another show I have recently discovered, Community. I know, I know this is another TV show I'm late to the party on but I honestly hadn't heard anything about it until recently and I'm so happy I gave it a try as it is sooooo funnny and an instant mood boster, I often watch it when I'm on the exercise bike and can get through 3 - 4 episodes easily, so if you're not watching it yet what are you waiting for it's hilarious!!!

Ok so this isn't really a new find for me but it's only this year that I finally got my hands on some awesome designs from their shop and I've pretty much spend the whole month wearing it. The reason why I waited so long to get any was because I was paranoid about the fit and that they wouldn't be flattering BUT I'm so happy that it's the complete opposite, Black Milk make the most flattering clothes ever!

Thank you Supernatural for introducing me to this awesome band as I have been listening to this album non-stop this month and I love it, I just can't believe I'm only hearing about them now. I honestly have no idea what's going on in the music world at the moment and my last big find was The Black Keys so I'm so glad I've found a new band I can listen to.

What are some of your favourite things this months, do you have anything to reccomend to me?
Love & Strawberries

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