20 September 2012

My Etsy Shop is OPEN!!!

I'm very happy to announce that after a long summer break my Etsy shop is re-open and I'm ready and willing to get crafting again. I can't wait to bring all these ideas I've had whizzing around my head to life, crafting is one of my most favourite things to do in the world and the support from you guys has been amazing and give me so much drive and inspiration to continue and improve at what I do.

The infamous "Direscarves" are back in stock, which have proved very popular with fans and even the cast and crew of Game of Thrones, in fact Cat Taylor who writes the Making Game of Thrones blog bought a Ghost scarf for herself earlier this year!

In addition to the goodies I've handmade myself I've added a couple of felting kits I tried out when I was in Thailand which were really fun to make and I thought I'd spread the crafting joy and get a couple kits for you guys to try your hands at making to.

Be sure to check out the sale section as I'm selling off some of my "Sample Scarves" which I made either to test out different designs or techniques and just didn't make the final cut but are still super cute and wearable and available to purchase at a great discount to!

Lucky Bags are in stock for those of you who want to grab yourself a real treat as they're an absolute bargain considering how many super cute handmade goodies I've managed to cram inside them and there's even a special limited edition Halloween one for sale if you're looking for something a bit spooky.

Speaking of Halloween I'm currently working on a few more creepy goodies to add to the shop but in the meantime check out the first of my fiendishly feline creations and say hello to Zombie Frankenkitty who is a special edition kitty scarf I made just in time for Halloween.

Get 10% off your order from now until October 1st with the code WELCOMEBACK
Glue Guns & Sparkles

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