18 February 2020

Cheap Skater Dresses & Shapewear from Lover-Beauty*

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Spring is on it's way so it is time to put away all those baggy dull winter jumpers and comfy sweat pants and invest in some cute new fashionable spring and summer dresses to bring some colour and cuteness into your life. Lover-Beauty is a great fashion website that has really amazing selection of clothing at really cheap prices, perfect for a much needed wardrobe and style update, and they ship worldwide to, so while the weather is still cold outside it is the perfect time to shop for the warmer months from the comfort of your own home. Lover-Beauty have a really amazing wide selection of pretty dresses to chose from but these three cheap skater dresses pictured above caught my eye the most with their pretty bright, vibrant colours and cute floral prints, perfect to wear for the spring and summer months and really versatile to as they can be worn casually with sneakers and a jacket or dressed up with a few pretty accessories for a fun summer evening with friends or on a date.

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However, if like me you're not quite confident to rock out a cute dress yet and need a little help Lover-Beauty also have a wide selection of cheap shapewear you can use to help cover up those extra lumps and bumps you may have put on from all those indulgent Christmas and New Years treats. I personally need a little help in the thigh and waist area right now and they have so many great options to chose from but whatever your looking for you can find all sorts of shapewear solutions from thighs, to waist, to even arms and they come in different colours to so can be worn discreetly underneath your clothing, so whatever insecurity you may have I'm sure you will be able to find some shapewear that will help you out. 

What are your favourite spring and summer styles?
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