30 April 2019

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (April 2019)

Wonderland 'Gaia's Spell'

April has ended and we're now into May and almost half the way through 2019, I really thought I would be more settled by now but life keeps throwing so many unexpected things my way I find my days are filled and I barely have time to breathe! Luckily I have music to motivate me and if you're curious to know what I listen to I shared a playlist of my favourite K-pop songs from last year. I also have TV to relax me at night with my favourite series Game of Thrones returning for its final season and also some great Asian and Korean dramas to distract my mind from my own crazy life. Here's hoping I can find a more relaxing life balance in May....

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What are you most excited for in May?
Love & Hugs

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