31 January 2019

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (January 2019)

Luminous Pond

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone's 2019 has got off to a good start and if not there's still time to turn it around so don't worry. I've decided to extend my blog hiatus for a little while while I work on new content. I really enjoyed sharing JB from GOT7's Birthday event I attended this month and would love to share more posts and videos like that, I was also lucky enough to see Blackpink in concert, so if you'd like me to write about that let me know, I'd be very interested to hear what content you would like to see from me in the future?

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♥ How To Invest In Your Future Self

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♥ 6 Sleep Potions for a Better Night’s Sleep

♥ 3 Tips For Staying Accountable With Your Goals

♥ How Forgiving Yourself Leads To Massive Success

♥ 5 Simple Shifts To Bring More Positivity Into Your Life

What is your biggest wish for 2019?
Love & Hugs

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