15 November 2018

Mini Self-Care Wishlist

I've not been taking the best care of myself recently so I thought it about time I get back to the basics and start treating myself that little bit better. One of the ways I like to treat myself is to take care of my skin and I'e heard derma rolling is a really effective way for treating acne scars and hyper-pigmentation both of which I'm suffering from and has been effecting my confidence and self image so I really want to try out this Derma Roller System

Another I like to cheer myself up is with Circle Lenses which instantly just seem to brighten up my face so I thought I would check out some new lenses and these Brown Fresh Series Circle Lense, Purple Super Nudy Series Circle Lens and Blue World Series Cirle Lense are super pretty and a great simple way to change up my look.

What little ways do you like to treat yourself?
Love & Hugs

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