30 September 2013

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (September 2013)

Summer is most definitely over, this month has been a hard one to deal with after losing my baby James, getting sick and just how busy I've been I'm more than ready to go into hibernation for the winter, but I have to make myself stay positive it's time to start making plans for the year ahead and to go on new adventures so here are a few things that helped me stay upbeat this month.

 5 Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You into Being Miserable - Misery is addictive and it's so easy to fall down that rabbit hole and so difficult to get out, happiness takes a lot of hard work but knowing those triggers is the first step to conquering them.

 How Success Spoiled and Saved David Bowie

 How to Deal with Change When Change is Hard - Taking care of your basic needs seems a simple one but when you're going through a period of change it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself, so sometimes a time out to watch a movie and have a nice cup of tea is all you need to help you deal.

 10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier - These absolutely work, exercise is something I never thought I would enjoy but my daily workouts (even the small ones) make me feel so good!

 The 20 Big Questions in Science

 What the Hell Should You Do With Your Life? - Eat tacos all day? Well that sounds like a plan, I still have absolutely no idea what to do with my life but I'm learning I'm not the only one and slowly but surely I will get to a place where what I love is what I do.

  The Pursuit of Unhappiness - I'm definitely guilty of covering up my grief with activity instead of dealing with it and with all my spare time being dedicated to crafting for my shops have made it my mission to take some time out and complete one personal crafting project a month.

 Candid Thoughts On Modesty

 20 Signs You Might Be Spending To Much Time On The Internet - The internet is serious business, yeah maybe we all should try and switch off from it a bit more...

 Why Your Favourite Childhood Toys Are In Fashion Again - I absolutely love this trend, I mean even Batman was a trend earlier this year and as strange as that is I kinda love it because it means I can find all sorts of awesome stuff to add to my geek wardrobe.

 Living With Less. A Lot Less

 10 Not-So-True Lessons Learned From Friends - I've been kinda obsessed with Friends again after my visit to Central Perk with my friend Cally, so here is a list of the ridiculous stuff we "learned" from Friends... guess I won't be moving to NY and getting a pet monkey anytime soon

 What to do when Everything is Falling Apart - Some awesome advice here, it's important even through those darkest time to cling onto some hope things may be bad now but they do get better.

 One Man Designs And Wears The Costumes of Disney Princesses and Their Princes

 How To Get Shit Done When You Have Time At All - Great advice I definitely need to make notes on, I feel like lately I've been too busy to do anything!

 How to Do Anything - A great list here of well everything you can think of I'll definitely be trying several of these out.

 The Secrets Of Body Language: How To Up Your Personal Power, Decode Anyone, And Get Whatever You Want!

 The Simple Way to Really Get Things Done - Focus on one thing at a time is the golden rule sometimes multi-taking just doesn't work.

 D.I.Y. Hot Air Balloon Lanterns - This is such an adorable idea and so simple to, it'll bring an instant touch of happiness to any room.

 The Fine Line

 The Dangers of Staying Quiet: Learning to Ask For Help - If I've learned anything this month it's to not be ashamed and ask for help when you're in need, don't stay quiet talk to someone and I guarantee you'll feel much better.

Chai Tea & Bear Hugs

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